When You Have One of THOSE Clients!

So, today was a rough day but ended on a high note. It was a long deal, trying to buy a house in Santa Barbara.

I am really exhausted, but I still am satisfied, though this made me remember, that a real estate agent has to be educated in psychology.  Knowing how to communicate with your clients, especially once they start to get angry and annoying for no reason, is an important skill set to have.

It was all going well until the buyer realized that seller didn’t disclose that pipes in the toilet have to be completely replaced.

This basically made my client was furious, both at the seller and at me. I really did not have a clue that seller is hiding something because I figured the house inspection would discover any issues.

Anyways, he started to accuse me that I wanted to scam him, saying this and that, and I was basically really confused and did not know how to react at the moment. (more…)

I Just Had The Best Day EVER in Real Estate!

Wow, this was a long day. And believe me I am happy that it has ended, but on the other said I am really satisfied with what happened. This could probably be the best day of my real estate career!

So in past few months, my agency has had a lot of clients and a lot of work to do, with basically no time to waste, once we were in our offices. We have been working both as buyer’s and seller’s agents, and it was hard, yet exciting to handle multiple clients at a time.

When I woke up today, I knew that it is going to be aa primarily make or break sort of day.

Three deals were scheduled to close today.  Every real estate agent knows that those last minutes and seconds are crucial. It is common that either the lender, buyer or seller might change their mind and cancels the deal, dismissing weeks of hard work. (more…)

How I Market My Real Estate Business

Today, my team and I finally finished recording the video, that is going to be posted on YouTube and Vimeo, and is related to basic information about how my real estate agency functions and what do we have to offer.

After finishing this, I remembered that a few years ago, I had a really tough job deciding how to promote myself, and later my agency.

A common discussion when it comes to real estate marketing is, which marketing strategy is better, traditional or digital? I was confused as well and did not know what was the best until I came to the realization that there is not actually a right answer.

It all depends on what is the goal of your agency, and what is the target group. Some might opt for traditional ways, promoting through TV, radio and sending gifts to their clients https://magnetseast.com/ produce great realtor calendars), while others might focus on social networks and websites.

For my team and me, the best is something in between.

As we work both with younger and older people, we include something for everyone. We like to think that it is good to experiment, and try out new stuff, and if it works great.  If it does not, no problem, we just move on to the next one. So basically, my real estate agency is promoted through few ways: (more…)

Being a Real Estate Agent with Kids

During my childhood, I asked myself a lot of times, how does my mother manage to have time for me and still be a successful economist?

It seemed really hard, as people mostly withdraw from the option of balancing, and pick either family or career, especially in this modern times that we are living.

When I started being a realtor, 6 years ago, I was in my relationship with Justin, who is now my husband.  We were not married at the time, and we did not have children.

To be honest, I was not even thinking about how it will be once our family was started, as I was too focused on the job.

But, as soon as the next year, I found out that I was pregnant, and after few discussions, Justin and I decided to get married. (more…)

Real Estate is not for the Faint of Heart

While I was writing the title of this article, my main goal was to show you that being a real estate agent is not a breeze at all and most of the times it can be a pretty harsh career choice.

Let me tell you a part of my story.

I got my realtor license 6 years ago, and the first thing I noticed, is that there is a significant number of people in this industry.  However, for the most part, they think that it is a hobby that will bring them a lot of money with no knowledge or effort, and as soon as the market start dropping, they vanish.

For this reason, if you look at public opinion, realtors like myself, are viewed as sharks or dishonest. People see them as individuals wanting to make money with not much effort and work, even scamming someone, to earn a higher profit. (more…)

Today I made Someone’s Home Purchase Dream a Reality

Today was an intense and interesting day!

I woke up at 5:30 AM, like I do every morning and did my morning workout routine, in little house gym, took a shower and had breakfast. From the early morning, I had a feeling that this day might be making or break for one of our clients.

By 7 AM, I was in my office, planning to gather a team meeting, and checking through some paperwork, when I received a call from Mike, my client.

I have been in contact with Mike for past month, I had been helping him search for a house with a pool in La Jolla neighborhood.

He told me that he first tried to do the buying alone, but realized that most of the houses he wanted, and that were offered on websites like Zillow, were already sold and no longer on the market, but the site did not update that.


Why I Choose To Ride the Waves of Real Estate

For me, selecting the life of a real estate agent was a no-brainer.  Each day comes with its challenges and rewards.

I meet new people on daily basis, and some of those relations end up being long term, while the others are based on advice or a simple task.

In any case, I get the same question from a lot of people that I come in contact with, and that is, “Samantha, why did you choose a real estate career?’’. The answer to this question is complicated, as it includes few factors that drew me in. (more…)